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6th Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems

Workshop website

For more information, complete Call for Papers and submission instructions, please visit the PLOS website, here:

Important dates

Paper submission deadline: June 17, 2011
Notification of acceptance: July 31, 2011
Final papers due: September 9, 2011
Workshop: October 23, 2011


Historically, operating system development and programming language development went hand-in-hand. Cross-fertilization was the norm. Challenges in one area were often approached using ideas or techniques developed in the other, and advances in one enabled new capabilities in both. Today, although the systems community at large retains an iron grip on C, modern programming language ideas continue to spark innovations in OS design and construction. Conversely, the systems field continues to provide a wealth of challenging problems and practical results that should lead to advances in programming languages, software designs, and idioms.
This workshop will bring together researchers and developers from the programming language and operating system domains to discuss recent work at the intersection of these fields. It will be a platform for discussing new visions, challenges, experiences, problems, and solutions arising from the application of advanced programming and software engineering concepts to operating systems construction, and vice versa.


  • critical evaluations of new programming language ideas in support of OS construction
  • domain-specific languages for operating systems
  • type-safe languages for operating systems
  • object-oriented and component-based operating systems
  • language-based approaches to crosscutting system concerns, such as security and run-time performance
  • language support for system verification
  • language support for OS testing and debugging
  • static/dynamic configuration of operating systems
  • static/dynamic specialization within operating systems
  • the use of OS abstractions and techniques in language runtimes

Workshop Organizers

Organizing Committee

  • Eric Eide, University of Utah
  • Gilles Muller, INRIA/LIP6
  • Olaf Spinczyk, Technische Universität Dortmund

Program Committee

  • Yolande Berbers, KU Leuven
  • Eric Eide, University of Utah
  • Michael Franz, UC Irvine
  • Robert Grimm, New York University
  • Thomas Gross, ETH Zürich
  • Tim Harris, Microsoft Research Cambridge
  • Julia Lawall, University of Copenhagen
  • Gilles Muller, INRIA/LIP6
  • Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat (chair), University of Erlangen
  • Olaf Spinczyk, Technische Universität Dortmund


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