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Getting There

The conference will take place at Hotel Cascais Miragem, which is located between Cascais and Estoril, 30 kms from the Lisbon Airport. The best way to get to Estoril from the Airport is by taxi, taking approximately 25 minutes. Alternatively, you can use public transportation that will take approximately 1h30m.


Portela Airport (Lisbon) is an international gateway with flights departing and arriving from almost anywhere in the world and is only 7 km away from the centre of Lisbon and 30 km from Estoril. Major companies such as AirFrance, Air Luxor, Alitalia, Air Berlin, British Airways, Continental, Iberia, Lufthansa, TAAG, TAVC, TAP Air Portugal, among others, fly to Boston, New York, Toronto, Luanda, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Johannesburg, Caracas, and most European capitals and intercontinental hubs (London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Paris, etc.).


The easiest way to get to Estoril from the Airport is by taxi, taking approximately 25 minutes. Taxi ranks are situated at the arrivals and departures curb-side. Taxis are affordable, with a typical ride from the airport to the conference hotels between 45€ and 50€.

Public Transportation

After exiting the airport you can take bus number 44 (costs 1,50€) to Cais do Sodré train station, or you can take the Aerobus (costs 3,50€, and has its own bus stop). In both buses, tickets can be purchased in the bus and exact change is not required. Both buses take approximately 30 minutes to get to Cais do Sodré train station (in both buses that is their last stop).  According to its website, the 44 bus does not run all the way to Cais do Sodré on weekends, so on those days the Aerobus might be a better choice.

On Cais do Sodré when taking the train be careful to check if the train you are taking stops in the station most nearby to your hotel. There is a billboard located on the floor below where the trains stop (entrance to the subway) that displays the train schedule, the train line where each train departs from, and the station names where they stop. Some trains don't go all the way to Estoril. The train ticket is 1,80€ and can be purchased in the 'self-service' ticket machines or in the ticket offices.

The train ride to Estoril is very beautiful as the route follows the river/sea most of the time. The train ride from Cais do Sodré to Cascais takes approximately 40 min. More information about the train here.

The train station names closer to each of the conference's hotels:

  • Estoril Train station: Hotel Palácio Estoril, Vila Galé Estoril Hotel
  • Monte Estoril train station: Hotel Cascais Miragem, Hotel Estoril Eden, Saboia Estoril Hotel
  • Cascais Train station: Hotel Baia Cascais


Lisbon is well served with public transportation and good connections to Cascais. Short distances make taxis affordable, which makes it the easiest and fastest way to move around. But if you prefer, you can also rent a car in the Airport. Rent-a-car counters are located near the arrivals public area. Contacts here.

In this link you find the fastest route from the Airport to the Conference Hotel. During Sunday (October 23rd), there will be a race on a road near the hotel, so please avoid the following itinerary: link.

Parking facilities and fees

  • Hotel Cascais Miragem: Parking available at a rate of €8 per day.
  • Hotel Palácio do Estoril: Small outdoor parking, free of charge for guests.
  • Hotel Estoril Eden: Park for 16 cars, €15 per day.


Transportation between hotels

Most of the recommended hotels are within walking distance of Hotel Cascais Miragem. If you want to pass on the opportunity of walking to the hotel through a beautiful scenic route by the sea, you can use the train, as all hotels except Hotel Palácio Estoril are within one train station from Hotel Cascais Miragem. As a last resort, taxis should be easily spotted roaming near the hotels. In Accommodations, you can find directions and walking time from all hotels to Cascais Miragem.


Portugal is one of the safest countries in Europe. The biggest risk to your safety are pickpockets that operate in places crowded with tourists, such as the airport buses and downtown trams. They operate in teams: one distracts the victim while the other targets laptop bags or wallets. Being aware of your surroundings greatly reduces this risk and ensures your safety.


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