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Call for Papers

General Chair: Ted Wobber, MSR Silicon Valley,

Program Chair: Peter Druschel, MPI-SWS,

Important Dates here

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Sponsored by ACM SIGOPS and INESC-ID

Authors are invited to submit papers to the 23rd SOSP on original research related to the design, implementation, analysis, evaluation, and deployment of computer systems software. SOSP takes a broad view of the systems area and solicits contributions from many fields of systems practice, including, but not limited to, operating systems, file and storage systems, distributed systems, mobility, security, embedded systems, dependability, system management, peer-to-peer systems, and virtualization. We also welcome work that explores the interface to related areas such as computer architecture, networking, programming languages and databases. In keeping with SOSP tradition, we will favor work that explores new territory, continues a significant research dialogue, or reflects on experience with or measurements of state of the art implementations. Papers of particular merit will be forwarded to ACM Transactions on Computer Systems for possible publication in a special issue.

A good paper will demonstrate that the authors:

  • are attacking a significant problem,
  • have devised an interesting, compelling solution,
  • have demonstrated the practicality and benefits of the solution,
  • have clearly articulated the underlying principles of their work,
  • have drawn appropriate conclusions,
  • have clearly described what they have done,
  • and have clearly articulated the advances beyond previous work.

Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, clarity, relevance, and correctness. In addition to citing relevant, published work, authors must relate their SOSP submissions to relevant submissions of their own that are simultaneously under review for this or other venues. The SOSP PC reserves the right to ask authors to provide copies of related simultaneously-submitted papers.

Submissions will be done electronically. Detailed instructions for the submission process can be found on the Submission Guidelines page.

There will be a scholarship program to support student registration and attendance. Details will be posted on the Web site.

Program Committee

Andrew Birrell, MSR Silicon Valley

George Candea, EPFL

Mike Dahlin, UT Austin

Jeff Dean, Google

Peter Druschel, MPI-SWS

Bryan Ford, Yale

Greg Ganger, CMU

Steve Gribble, UW

Steve Hand, Cambridge

Tim Harris, MSR Cambridge

Gernot Heiser, UNSW/NICTA

Rebecca Isaacs, MSR Silicon Valley

Sam King, UIUC

Eddie Kohler, UCLA

Philip Levis, Stanford

Petros Maniatis, Intel Research Berkeley

Robert Morris, MIT

Andrew Myers, Cornell

Adrian Perrig, CMU

Robbert van Renesse, Cornell

Ant Rowstron, MSR Cambridge

Margo Seltzer, Harvard

Marvin Theimer, Amazon

Geoff Voelker, UCSD

Emmett Witchel, UT Austin

Nikolai Zeldovich, MIT

Lidong Zhou, MSR Asia


Conference Organizers

General Chair

Ted Wobber, MSR-SV


John MacCormick, Dickinson College

Sponsorship Co-Chairs

Sape Mullender, Alcatel-Lucent

Jean-Philippe Martin, MSR Silicon Valley

Chandu Thekkath, MSR Silicon Valley

Workshop Chairs

Ramakrishna Kotla, MSR Silicon Valley

Rodrigo Rodrigues, MPI-SWS

Publicity Co-Chairs

Junfeng Yang, Columbia University

Rodrigo Rodrigues, MPI-SWS


Joao Leitao, INESC-ID/IST

Local Arrangements

Luis Rodrigues, INESC-ID/IST

Scholarship Committee

David Lie, U. of Toronto

Dilma da Silva, IBM

Nickolai Zeldovich, MIT


Nuno Carvalho, INESC-ID/IST

Poster and WIP Co-Chairs

George Candea, EPFL

Bryan Ford, Yale

(Revised) Submission Rules

Submitted papers must be no longer than fourteen (14) 8.5"x11" pages, using a 10 point font on 12 point (single spaced) leading, with a maximum text block of 6.5 inches wide by 9 inches deep. The block should be formatted with two columns, with 0.25" separation between the two columns. The page limit includes everything: references, title page, figures, appendices, etc. The use of color is acceptable, but the paper should be easily readable if viewed or printed in gray scale. Authors must make a good faith effort to anonymize their submissions, and they should not identify themselves either explicitly or by implication (e.g., through the references or acknowledgments). Submissions violating the detailed formatting and anonymization rules will not be considered for publication. There will be no extensions for reformatting.

Blind reviewing of full papers will be done by the program committee, with limited use of outside referees. Papers will be provisionally accepted subject to revision and approval by a program committee member acting as a shepherd. On acceptance, authors will be required to sign an ACM copyright release form. Your submission indicates that you agree to this. Papers will be held in full confidence during the reviewing process, but papers accompanied by nondisclosure agreement forms are not acceptable and will be rejected without review. Authors of accepted papers will be expected to supply electronic versions of their papers and encouraged to supply source code and raw data to help others replicate and better understand their results.

Good luck with your submission!

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